Friday, December 19, 2008

Hey people..yeah..long time no write..I can't believe the craziness..I have never had a year go by quite this fast!And its already Christmas time..tis the season.Well, There has been so much I've been learning since I've been at school..its been wonderful..I think one of the biggest things that I've been learning since I got here is how to have peace in storms. This has been a stormyyear for so many people..lots of weird stuff happening and a lot of discouragement..sometimes its confusing to know where you standwith everything..discerning what is a test..what is an attack..what is a blessing in disguise..When to rest when to warhow to see situations through God's eyes. These are all questions that I've had and I'm sure a lot of people think about everyday.So, I'm just going to write down some stuff that has really helped me through a lot of insecurity and anxiety.
God is always goodThere is no worry, fear, or doubt in heavenThere is never any lackThe Lord is my defenderThe Lord is my counseler.
I am royalty and I represent a kingdom that has abundance of resources. I have the legal acess through faith to pull down resources from my heavenly home from my Father in Heaven who loves me way more than I know. This concept right here can be hard to grasp fully when everything around seems to be lacking. I am personally struggling with the whole Christmas time spirit. I love giving, and it hurts me a lot that I feel like I have so much I want to give, but my personal resources seem so small. I've got family and friends everywhere whom I love dearly and want to bless a lot, but at the same time there are things that I know I need for myself..It can be a little discouraging. But, thefaith aspect for me to grasp is, I do have endless resources to give and that I can pull down because Heaven is my home..and Father God has given me that permissionHe wants to bless me, I am His princess. I may not have it in my pocket, it will manifest in one way or the other. I always have something to give and I do not live in lack. I was taking a walk with God one day and I was just talking with Him about finances and stuff like that, and he told me, " If you don't believe that'swho you are already, you will never have enough." and then He showed me a picture of me standing on top of endless treasure. Like a mountain of gold.I chose to receive what He was showing me and that my identity was in Him and that I am a person with endless resources to give and to receive. The next dayI got $1,000 to my tuition. It was amazing..A little side not here, if anybody reading this had anything to do with the $1,500 I've received in this last month or soI want you to let me know because I really want to thank you. You have sown into this dream of mine that I'm going to reap benefits from for the rest of my life.I've got $500 more to pay off..I am so excited and blessed. And right now I don't know exactly how this next season of my life is going to pan out financially,but my identity is not based in my need, it is based in His love and resources, and that is what I am going to choose to believe and trust in with all my heart and soul.And I'm praying for anybody reading this who is really discouraged by the economy affecting our nation and maybe your own personal life, that God will never leave you or forsake you, and He is making sure that all things in your life work together for your good and to the glory of Him. I love this Louise Giglio quote, "His gloryis in your satisfaction." So just rest in that. I love you all!

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