Friday, October 10, 2008

Hey my fam...
Just thought while I had time to update. Life is pleasantly busy as of right now..Learning a lot with being here..its good. I think one of the biggest things that I am continually learning here is LOVE...I know it sounds sooo revolutionary..but ya know, it is :)

I don't think I'll ever stop learning about it. It keeps changing me day to day.
It is so important to know more and more how much God loves us...To know every day how crazy He is about you. It is soo good to know how much God loves people you're around every day..It's just so good to know that He just is. So, if you are reading this right need to know afresh how much God is intensly in love with you...Just receive it. He loves you and it does not matter at all how much you think you deserve it...just receive it and rest in it. His love restores the standard. Kris said, "Its amazing what people will do for the one they love." Refering to people who do crazy things for God that make you wonder if you're even a christian..:) Without love, things look like sacrifice. With love, its just flows from you.
You can not earn His love. You cannot change yourself on your own...His love changes you. All He is asking you to do is to surrendur.. So yeah, feel free to receive that.
Yesterday, Mark Brooks ( 1st year pastor) taught on joy. And I just want to share this one tidbit with you. It says in the Bible that the Lord laughs at the plans of man...So you know what we're supposed to do? Laugh! Look up and live from God's perspective..Laugh! I'm not saying this in the context of not having seasons of mourning..but more of when you are feeling burdened and things just keep looking impossible...Just take a break and laugh. The joy of the Lord is your strength..It gives you strength and it is a reminder to the enemy that he lost. He cannot hold you down.
And a last note..I just want to say Thank you for your prayers and your generous money giving. It has been so awesome to see the Lord's hand over it. He takes your prayers for me and pours them out. Your guy's prayers have kept and will continue to keep me encouraged and strengthened. You're amazing and I love you all!


Anonymous said...

You sound so full of life and revelation! It's so sweet and wonderful! I'm very happy for you and that you're able to be experience all this. Love you! :)

Anonymous said...

I mean, "to experience all this," not "to be experience all this." I hate typos. It's late. Time for bed. ;)

Debby Riddle said...

Hey love,so good to eat from your table.I love watching you grow into your own amazing person.Give my love to your roomies and know that any one is welcome over the holidays.