Friday, September 26, 2008

my life

Lol..I've been doing a good job at updating my posts haven't I ? :)
Well...I had this super deep sermon gleaning post I was going to write..I still might write it. It had a lot to do with building legacy instead of ministry...and being a father. Barnabas took a hold of Paul...He trusted and invested in him when nobody else trusted him. Barnabas wasn't remembered for doing a lot..but Paul was. Kingdom thinking goes beyond your goes into the next generations. The whole thing was really inspiring and way more deep..but that was what it was in a nut shell.
I am doing good...growing in many many ways. I'm growing in more and more realization of who I am and who He is. Its real..definitely.
Write me and let me know whats going on at home...I would love to hear :)

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